Digitising ‘Old School’ Healthcare Practice

The roles of the key players in healthcare have been evolving for generations, but whilst we continually look to put patients in the driving seat, how do we make sure the doctors, nurses and allied health professionals navigate the changing healthcare landscape in the face of evolving technology?

Join One HealthTech for an evening of fresh, thought-provoking debate and discussion focused on the impact of technology on the duties of the individuals we rely upon to deliver healthcare services in the UK and how these new tools will be integrated into a healthcare system that is struggling to keep up with current demands and burgeoning costs.

We’ll be talking about the need for a changing skill set for tech-savvy doctors, and how present-day clinicians can be upskilled in order for them, patients and citizens to benefit from existing tools and technology that are improving healthcare.


18:00 - Registration

18:30 - Welcome from Instinctif Partners & One HealthTech

18:40 - 4 x 7 min presentations: on the changing nature of clinical practice

Collette Johnson, Bespak

Ishani Patel, Lantum

Julie Bretland, Our Mobile Health

Joanna Ashby, Glasgow University

19:10 - Panel discussion: where we will discuss set clinical scenarios and pull from personal experiences to debate how technology and clinical practice is evolving, as well as culture and adoption challenges. This will be chaired by Elizabeth Cairns from EP Vantage

19:55 - Thank you

20:00 - Drinks & Nibbles

21:00 - Close

As per, the event is refund on attendance (but a mere £5!) so please ensure you sign up on the Eventbrite (in the url)