Scotland Event Recap Note

Our very first event in Edinburgh was a total hit, and we had a lot of fun. For those of you who couldn't attend, fear not, you can revisit the evening via our live stream video which is on youtube here. Furthermore, you can find out more about the Modernising Outpatient programme here and the Scottish Access Collaborative here.

There was a brilliant turnout, with a diverse group of attendees - 37% SMEs, 26% from Academia, 22% from the public sector (including NHS/Scot Gov), and 15% from multinational organisations. 48% of attendees were female.

Next event. We want to build on the positive momentum of this event, and we’re planning our next event for late September/ early October this year and one of the companies at the event have kindly offered to host the next event (more details soon!).

We are looking to have a “big ticket” keynote speaker at this next event to widen our exposure and reach going forward, perhaps a policy-maker - if you have any suggestions/ can make any introductions that would be most appreciated.

Get involved. Finally, we are looking for volunteers to help us run this hub and keep it sustainable - the requirements to join us aren’t arduous but we would ask that you resonate with One HealthTech’s ethos of driving better diversity and inclusion in health technology through high-quality, open and friendly communities; are a self-starter with a drive and passion to build your local ecosystem aaaaand have sufficient time to do this alongside your day job. Drop us a line here if this sounds like you!

Structured Networking Outputs. In terms of the whiteboard networking at the end, we’ve digitised the outputs into the following:

1) What are facilitators for digital health innovation?

  • Demand from patients/public
  • Incentives to collaborate
  • Crossover + integration of multiple fields and organisations
  • Demonstrating you can do things better, cheaper, faster
  • Codesign - PPI, clinic, primary care

2) What are barriers to digital health innovation?

  • Outdated NHS systems
  • Patient-related research to inform AI based & clinical decision making
  • Innovative companies not easily migrating between health systems
  • Fear of risk-taking by frontline staff
  • Access to data x2
  • Incentivisation of doctors + higher organisations to get involved + see benefits of digitisation
  • Limited knowledge/awareness of what’s possible
  • Collaboration with private sector/SME innovators
  • Value vs costWho can drive the change?
  • Data Visualisation
  • Knowing + understanding the larger picture/problem
  • Shared agenda/challenge
  • Complex management
  • Adoption diffusion
  • Time
  • Innovation is mistaken for incremental cost-saving changes
  • Today’s problems
  • Policies that don’t support local experimentation
  • Language

3) What facilities are needed to stimulate digital health innovation?

  • Training in team science/research + with business
  • Regulation of algorithms for AI
  • Broad multidisciplinary networks with money

4) What stakeholders need to come together to stimulate digital health innovation?

  • NHS + care execs
  • Public Business
  • Policymakers


Thanks for helping us launch our inaugural event!

The OHT Scotland Hub team,

Michael, Catherine & Kathrin

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