Human of Health Tech — Yewande Faloyin

Having just left McKinsey, as well as wrapping up a range of health & transformation projects, Yewande Faloyin is now at a crossroads. One HealthTech had a quick catch-up with her -- read on the 5 mins Q&A session recap:)

1) You've just left your job - what were you doing and how does it feel?!

It feels amazing! But also, a little daunting. LOL. I have had an awesome 12-year career so far, which started as a software developer, then product developer at Morgan Stanley, and most recently as a management consultant at McKinsey. After a 3-year roller-coaster ride at McKinsey, it just felt like the right time to jump off. I'm now working part-time and spending most of my week exploring and experimenting with the aim of organically discovering my next adventures!

2) Talk to us about some of the projects you were involved in in the healthtech space whilst you were at McKinsey.

Most of my projects at McKinsey were in healthcare. I remember one which involved supporting a healthcare provider in digitising some of their critical processes. It was great to see the investment in technology to improve how they provide healthcare services to patients. I also had the privilege of working in a West African country, supporting the CEO of a non-profit. I led a team in developing an optimum model for delivering primary healthcare to ~8m people in one of the country's most disadvantaged regions. Although on the surface two very different experiences, they both highlighted the huge, untapped opportunity for tech in healthcare, the size of the need (significant!), and the lack of digital skills in this space. So, any initiative, like One HealthTech, which promotes and excites people into healthtech, I'm a supporter of! ūüôā

3) Work-life balance can be tricky for any job, but management consulting certainly has a reputation - what has it been like for you?

It has been extra tricky. LOL. Management Consulting is infamous for its less than optimum life balance. Early in my tenure, the benefits, particularly in terms of personal development and professional experiences, outweighed the lifestyle imbalance. However, once that tipped over, I knew it was time to leave. I’m a firm believer that every experience, good or bad, is a learning experience and the years of imbalance taught me a lot about myself and my values. Ultimately, balance in my life is very important to me and whatever I do next has to provide me with that balance.

4) What's this about being a yoga teacher then?!

Haha. Well, I'll be spending the month of July in Vancouver completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training. That is the basic training required to teach yoga, professionally. I'm not sure that my future career will be as a full-time yoga teacher (who knows, tho'?!) but I look forward to deepening my practice and maybe running a few classes part-time. I've been practising yoga (primarily vinyasa yoga) for over 4 years now and can honestly say it changed my life and continues to do so for the better! Besides the physical and mental health benefits, one thing that really resonates with me with yoga is this idea of continuous learning. Every day I step onto my mat, I learn something new about yoga or myself - that is why it's called a "yoga practice".¬† This principle is similarly rooted in tech - continuous learning is at the heart of every successful product. Who would have known that yoga and tech have so much in common? ūüôā

5) So what's next for you?

That's a great question! What's next for me is reformatting my life in a way that is driven by my core values. What's been great about taking a part-time sabbatical (is that a thing? it is now! :)), is the time and energy I now have to explore opportunities outside of the world I know. So, what's next for me? I hope a life prioritising all the things I love - spending quality time with loved ones, creating awesome products that improve access to good healthcare and education, inspiring people to be their best selves through coaching and mentoring, expanding my yoga practice... and maybe something else that I am yet to discover ūüėČ

6) Some words of wisdom for a younger self.

  1. Be confident! And if you don't feel it yet, fake it until you make it.
  2. Connect with people! The most amazing opportunities will come from people you didn't even know had you in mind.
  3. Know your value! You have more to offer to the world than you believe!

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